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Breaking Free From the Box

I retired early because of covid.  With my Social Security and driving I got some flexibility and enough to barely make ends meet.  And then I learned about living outside of the box.  Through talking with people out of the box and an exploration of various sources of income I discovered a few that are working well for me now.  These ventures are risky.  Some of them fail right away.  Some of them are run by scammers, but if we talk with and follow people who have been exploring them, the chance of finding one that works well is worth the effort.  So far I have found two, though there are probably many more.  I am satisfied with what I have found so far.


I haven't driven for several months and was making more than $300 a week and hope to be making more as I explore more. Are you willing to get out of the box?  Are you willing to take the chance with the possibility of losing, but also with the possibility of winning much more, like your financial freedom.  Below you will find some links to some of the sources I have discovered as safe so far.  The one thing to remember is never invest more than you can lose.  That is the way it is in investing in stock and it is the same way investing in these platforms.  We can make it together. 

I am not a financial advisor or a stock agent.  This is just information to let you know what I have been doing and what has been working for me for the past 6 months.    

One of Many Platforms Cranking Out Funds

In order to take advantage of thes sites you will need to download a free crypto wallet, get coinbase or some other exchange, and buy crypto coins to deposit.  You can open a coinbase exchange at this link


These platforms are not sexy or a lot of flash or hype like the ones that offer you 10 - 20% a week.  We call the Rug Pull Sites because after about 4 - 6 weeks they shut down and pull the rug from under your feet.  They steal your money and leave the site up to steal other people's money.  These are real sites that have been around for several years who invest with integrity and give you a reasonable return every Friday.  Don't fall for MLMs that just want you to selll things and create email lists and who keep wanting you to pay more and more for other little gadgets to help you get successful.  I don't think any of us have time to deal with people who make money by selling the ability to sell.  That's ridiculous.  Get your income now whether you give away something or not.  


If you Want to make .6 - 1% on your income per day, 5 Days a week.  This is a great return for people who want to be able to take out their cash once a week.  Vortic has been going strong for a year and is constantly being upgraded.  You can start with only...$50.  Soon they will have their own credit card so you can take the money straight from your wallet to the purchases you need.


If you are the type of person who likes to get money by inviting others to join, it has a very good income package.  You could make it into a job if you would like.  This platform is Vortic United.  Click on the linnk below to learn more about this great opportunity. 


You can sign up with the link right below the video.  Sounds good to me.  



 Vortic United Video 


 Another opportunity has come up...yet another one where you can get about 6% interest each week.  It costs at least $200 to get started into the cloudfi platform.  It is risky, but where else can you get that kind of interest so fast with instant withdraws. 


Drop in your money, take it out each week or wait for it to double and take out your initial investment so you can just let it keep running.  There is not much to invest in nowadays.  Jobs are paying little.  The cost of living is high and so is inflation.  The dollar has lost a lot of its buying power. 


To be viable we need new investments and we need to diversify in our investments.  Some will gain, some will lose, but when it all evens out you can make all kinds of gains on your investment.  Take a look at the link below this may be a good one for you.  There are no guarantees, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.  




I used to do ridesharing.  My bet was that I would make enough money to cover all of the car maintenance, gas, and repairs.  I'm still not sure how much of a profit I made. 


I decided that it wasn't working.  I started investing in some platforms and am still receiving from many of them.  If what you are doing now isn't is time to change and do something new.  Meet me in the winner's circle. ;-)