Legal Shield Protection For You

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At the end of this month the moratorium on evictions because people can't pay rent will end. Nothing new has been put in its place and many landlords are already planning evictions. It is projected there will be many court cases, or people who can't afford lawyers will just have to leave and find a place to live. Mortgages may be foreclosed on. Leases may be ended and people thrown out into the streets or forced to live in crowded situations in the middle of a pandemic!!! Reports are already in about people dying as a result of being thrown out of their homes and having to crowded into small, unsafe places where they are catching Covid.  This is serious.  No one can afford to be without housing today.


This would be just too much!!! can be helped. What you need is a good lawyer so these creditors can't just run you over because you don't have representation.  You need not just be caste out into the street, or have to give you car back or leave your house because you missed two payments.


Wouldn't it be great if a high powered lawyer intervened for you and stepped in to handle your problems? Would you like a lawyer to step in when creditors are threatening you and trying to force you to pay money you don't have because of no fault of your own? How would that make you feel? Wouldn't it be great if you had your own lawyer on call 24hrs a day to give you legal protection?


Would you be surprised if I told you that you can get just that, legal protection 24/7, interventions in court cases, legal counsel...unlimited? Even get things done you've been putting off like getting a will done, getting end of life instructions done, not only for you, but for your immediate family? Suppose you could get all of these things done? Would you like to have it? can right Now...Today.


Truth is, you can get all of this for $25 a month by joining a large group of lawyers who provide help for millions of people around the world.


Just $25 and you don't have to run from landlords, or pretend like you aren't home when they come to the door. You don't have to avoid phone calls or monitor them to protect yourself from nasty creditors. You can relax. You can get breathing room. You can take the time you need to get your life back together during this crises and most of all, you can take care of your family and provide comfort for them when they need it the most. You can even get paid, if you want to, for telling other people about this and helping them protect their households and families. And this for your whole immediate family.


This is even better that it sounds. Peace of mind right away, within a couple of days, if you sign up now.



Go to this Legal Shield Website and Sign Up Now before the Harrasement begins and find out how YOU become a Legal Shield Independent Representative.


You can protect yourself and your family right now.  You will also have a chance to help others in your same situation as a Legal Shield Representative.