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Just think of all the times in your life that you have needed, or will need, Legal Representation.  The cost was probably so high you didn't get a lawyer and ended up losing money because of it.  Or you got a lawyer and ended up dipping into your savings and investments, maybe even losing your business because of the expense.  We have all been there at one time or the other.  Just think of how many times it has already happened to you, and how many times it may happen. 


It is easy to face financial ruin because of circumstances in life where you need a lawyer and can't afford one, or even if you can they cost so much that you have to dip into your investments.  Why?  Because the cost of a lawyer nowadays is ourtageous for the majority of Americans.  It used to be anyway, but it is not anymore.  Let me say that again...It used to be anyway, but it is not anymore.  You can have access to an excellent attorney and can also become a Legal Shield Associate and help provide access to others, partime, with a generous income.


Have you ever been taken to the cleaners because you didn’t have the money for Legal Representation? Are you threatened with evictions, or a foreclosure on a house have been paying on for years because you got laid off and can’t find a good job? During the 2008 fiasco many people's houses were illegally, I repeat, illegally foreclosed on by banks because they didn't have lawyers and couldn't do a thing about it.  Who could have helped?  A lawyer.



Do you have unfair parking tickets? Tickets for moving violations so high you can’t afford them? Traffic stops and parking tickets for things as silly as a brake-light being out, or a turn-signal not working?

Who can help with that or could have helped?  A lawyer.  But why pay so much for a lawyer when the cost of the ticket is lower?  You can pay from $250 - $400 for a lawyer today.  But that's not true anymore.



Go to this Legal Shield Website, watch some of the videos, and see what you think.


You can protect yourself and your family right now.


Do you have student loan debts you cannot afford? Are collection agencies constantly calling you so much you are afraid to answer the phone? Are they breaking the law and calling you at your work place, threatening your job?  You know it is against the law for them to do that, don't you?  But they do it sometimes anyway just because you can't stop them.  You can, with a lawyer.  You will have access to hundreds of them through Legal Shield.


You can get your loans deferred. You can get a cease and desist order not allowing pushy companies to harass you, illegally, day and night, or use any other illegal practices to collect bills you cannot afford to pay, or bills you don’t even owe.


Go to this Legal Shield Website, watch some of the videos, and see what you think.




Are you getting charged high interest rates from credit cards that you already paid off? Or one you got to reestablish your credit? Are you threatened and harassed constantly for bills you don’t owe? Have you been cheated or ovegrcharged by predatory businesses who know you don’t have the money to anything about it?


Go to this Legal Shield Website, watch some of the videos, and see what you think.




You can have a lawyer right now. You can have the legal power of firm with more than 900 lawyers located across Canada and the United States. You won’t be pushed around anymore and your rights won’t be challenged. You won’t be harassed anymore by unscrupulous companies using fear tactics to take your hard earned money. This for $20 a month. The financial well being of your family for only $20 a month, the price of four large cappuccinos. Do you think it is worth it?  If you run a business this may just be a perk for your employees. 


Go to this Legal Shield Website, watch some of the videos, and see what you think.


You could be pulled over anytime. You could be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you are just accused you will either get a poor quality public defender, if you can get one at all, or be forced to plea bargain for something you didn’t even do and ruin your record, reputation, and opportunity create a life for you and your family.  The same can happen to your spouse, or your children at any time.


Go to this Legal Shield Website, watch some of the videos, and see what you think.



This is an ingenious idea is for you. For a very small price each month month you will have the power of an attorney, you can call, ask questions, and get them to write letters for you, make phone calls, represent you in many instances, for no additional fee. You won’t only get this coverage for yourself, but your whole family. Isn’t it time you said no to harassment and got yourself a lawyer who can defend your rights and make this world safer for you and the ones you love? 


Go to this Legal Shield Website, watch some of the videos, and see what you think.


If you haven't hit that link yet hit the tab below and if it speaks to you, as I am sure it will, come back to this page and hit the link above.