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Your Path to Freedom

Welcome to our class.  We offer this class to help you become a better person.  As a Peaceful Warrior you will learn how to not only cure yourself of the ills of society, but to help your family and community learn to live prosperous lives in the midst of the fire and to become stronger and more refined as a result of it.  You will pass through the fire and come out unscathed. 

Welcome To Our School

Introduction to our page and the philosophy of these classes.

Training #3 Ending the Effects of Oppression

Freedom From the Effects of Opression.  How it all really works. 

Introduction to First Training

Freedom From Biase

Training #4 Meditation

Training #4 Meditation

 Please Check with your physician when doing a new exercise program.  If these exercises are too difficult they may be done seated or using a sturdy chair for support.  The second exercise celebrating Love can be done seated and alternating lifting the knee while doing the hand movements.  



Learning Your System

Our 5th Training



If you would like to see more things like this coming in the future and if you feel they have value please give whatever you are able, or become a patron.  Better yet, you can become part of the family by joining our COOP/5050 Campaign which is a new system not only where you can raise money, but create a new grassroots system.  Your gift will reach far and wide as these videos and lessons are passed all over the world in order to help set the captives of mind manipulation free.  

Ending Bias -- Video 1

Training # 2 Meditation    Please check with your physician when beginning a new excercise program.   If these exercises seem too difficult they can be adapted to your comfort level.  They can be done in a seated postion, or using a chair for support while standing.  Please adapt them as necessary.


Meditation and Movement Video



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