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Boating at Bartram's

July 16, 2019

Tuesday Night Summer Boating At Bartram’s Garden

John W. Gilmore


From Lindbergh Blvd. it is difficult to tell where Bartram’s Village ends and Bartram's Garden begins. Bartram’s Village, built in 1942, began as a housing project built adjacent to Bartram’s Garden, and was one of the oldest in Philadelphia.  In 2018 the Bartram’s Garden Project received a 1.3 Million Kickstarting Grant to revitalize it into mixed income apartment buildings. Bartram’s Garden’s Boathouse, which we were seeking, is located along the river behind what is now Bartram’s Garden Village.  It offers several opportunities for boating several times a week with kayaks, tandem kayaks, row boats, and paddle boats. It’s position along the Schuylkill river makes it a prime location. The water is very smooth and the river wide at the Boathouse launch. But on weekdays the offices and welcome center close at 4 making the evening boating launch difficult to find for those unfamiliar with the area.


The GPS leads one down highway 76 and off the Passyunk Avenue exit.  After many twists and turns we come to an empty lot with locked gates.  The scene is surreal. We enter a small parking lot along a fence with small...


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Liming Spokane On A Sunny Afternoon

June 29, 2019

 Dr. John W. Gilmore


Using a Lime Scooter for transportation is enjoyable and convenient in Spokane, WA. The small, electric scooter moves slowly, allowing me to look at the shops, stores and buildings that I would pass too quickly in a car, while allowing me to travel a longer distance than on foot.  


This city with almost 1/4 million people seems to have been created to support a much larger population. The streets are wide and the infrastructure well defined.  Everything is clean, unlike most cities of its size in the US. There are people moving about, but the streets never seem crowded. The openness of the large spaces and wide streets provide a feeling of quiet and tranquility.  The large spaces are probably a leftover benefit from a world expo that took place here in the 1970s when they built many buildings and improved the infrastructure to accommodate large numbers of tourists.


A Lyft driver who has lived here all of his life told me that this downtown section isn’t the only downtown section.  “The city is very long running along the river, There are a lot of malls and business districts dispersed all along the city...


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The Black Experience in World Travel

May 21, 2019

Subject:  Small Town lIving in Costa Rica



Solo Bueno (Only Good) Opportunities For Living in Costa Rica  

Dr. John W. Gilmore


Many opportunities await those who want to get a breath of fresh air and move to a stable, beautiful country like Costa Rica.   If you have enough money to buy land and hold onto it, it can double or triple in value in less than 4 or 5 years. Beautiful forests, rushing rivers and waterfalls, beaches on the coasts and inexpensive food clothing and shelter await you if you want to remain, and you can make a living in real estate.


We did very well in Costa Rican real estate when we met Ben Cart with the intention of buying land and building a house.   He led us up broken, dirt roads, over rocks and potholes in his British Land Rover, to several plots, both large and small, all lush, green with rolling hills located on undeveloped land.   We settled on a parcel far above the San Ramon near the top of a large hill that was quiet and secluded called The Ridge. We were the first to buy a plot, 5,000 square meters....


Tags: affordable living, expat communities, relocating, the black experience, travel

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