Revelations of the First Exo-Ambassador

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Recruited to The Secret Space Program


Sometimes you think you know all the facts and then you discover that the most ridiculous thing that you’ve ever heard is true. You struggle with the ideas. You listen to the pros and cons. You wonder why it is so hard to believe, and then you finally believe.

This is a story about a man like you and me. He took a job that he thought would give him a nice paycheck for talking to Extraterrestrials he didn’t think really existed while he sat back and did nothing, only to find that the ETs that he thought never existed were real and part of a Secret Space Program that had existed more than 50 years. And then the first Exo-ambassador had to really go to work living a life of danger and adventure as he visited distant worlds.

We Are Not Alone is fiction based on the Real accounts of insider whistle blowers. 



My newest book, The Chronicles of Kera Book 1: Kera King and Queen, has just been re-released after several years.  It is a deep exploration of male and female gender roles explored through fictional characters and their experiences and circumstance on an alien planet where Gender Roles are reversed.  This is the first of a series of three available in Kindle in Paperback.