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Om Prakash, D. Min.


When Dr. John (Om Prakash) Gilmore was a minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Manchester he decided that he needed to learn more about spirituality. As a result of this need Om Prakash entered a doctoral program at University of Creation Spirituality (UCS), a school founded by PhD., Rev. Matthew Fox, in Oakland CA.  At UCS he studied many religious traditions at the mystical level, learning the core teachings given by the original teachers before they were influenced by the cultures in which they were located. Om Prakash's dissertation focused on finding the roots of external and internal oppression, and how to remove their lasting, negative effects through various alternative methods such as meditation, Tai-Chi, Yoga, Massage, Reiki, Spiritual Direction, and the many other methods that would diminish the fruit of oppression. In 2001 he received his D. Min. in Reinventing Work and Spirituality.  

During a self funded, three year sabbatical in Costa Rica, Om Prakash wrote several books, led workshops, and taught Tai-Chi, Qigong and Meditation. During his last year he did Post Doctoral Studies learning Spiritual Direction at Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica.  In 2008 he completed a year of study at Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica as a visiting faculty member teaching Tai-Chi Chi-Kung and Pranic healing, and as a student in Clinical Atmanology and Personal Transformation. While there Shunyamurti, the founder of Sat Yoga Institute, confirmed many of the mystical experiences he had on his personal religious journey as a mystic, a Taoist, and when he was a Pentecostal minister deeply involved in prayer, fasting, and deep religious study. 

Later he studied Life Coaching through the Coach Training Academy's Accelerated Life Coaching Program with hands on Life Coaching and Spiritual Direction sessions, and later at the American Union of NLP where he received his certification.  At present Om Prakash is a Life Coach, Workshop Leader, Writer, and Lecturer, blending together various forms of therapeutic meditation with body-work and life coaching sessions for self empowerment on all levels.
Om Prakash is also a massage therapist, a Reiki Master Teacher, and a Spiritual Life Coach.  He is the host of the radio show focusing on practical spirituality at If you think that you cannot know peace in this world, or that you can't really lead a life of joy in midst of the turmoil all around, you are being deceived.  That is the aim of meditation, contemplation and spiritual growth where our Life Coaching sessions can lead you.

If you have questions and need answers to those serious questions, Om Prakash, along with the Guru, i.e., teacher within may just be able to help you attain the necessary answers that will move you deeper and higher in your understanding about the truth.  The truth about yourself, the truth about the universe, the truth that surpases all understanding.  If you are serious in your desire to not only become free of the burdens often placed on the back of those who dare to love in this society, but also help others do so, try our introductory life coaching session.  This, however, this journey to the truth, is something that one must be serious to start and continue to the end. 

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