This is the Gathering of the Faithful Chosen

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The Gathering of the Chosen

Om Prakash Gilmore

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This book is dedicated to all who love and who have chosen to use their power to heal and not to harm, 

to produce and not to consume, and to raise up their fellow humans instead of putting them down.

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It’s hard to know whether the Gathering really takes place here, or on the return.  Sometimes it’s even hard to tell which is the real place, and which is the artificial one.  Each one seems rather real when one is locked into the vibration of that place, but there is always a whisper, or a shadow of the recognition of the place of the return existing somewhere in the corner of one’s mind.   One can be overwhelmed by the artificial vibrations of those who control the stringed instruments of this world.  They can manipulate that vibration like a symphony orchestra.

They can play a tune that lifts one up and brings the best out of the experience.  They can also can play something horrible or painful, that drives pain and suffering into everyone in the audience that will last for ages in the minds of those unfortunate enough to learn to hum along with the dirges, pain giving lyrics, and twisted voices that shut down the cognitive and transcendental abilities, and encourage the dull, stupefied mind of the masses 

These tunes and the manipulation of the vibrations actually become an invisible wall–a prison that keeps one separated from one’s true self–the one in the other place.  In the real place?  Is the other world real, or is this, the world of dualism, real?  Is the world of pain and suffering real, or the world of bliss?  I would say that depends on what world we, as divine beings, choose to make real.

We are creative beings.  We are able to manifest our thoughts and desires–to live on many planes of existence or one, and we are the ones who choose to make those places real or not.  In the words of Captain Piccard on Star Trek, there is a certain “make it so” command that we carry at the core of our beings wherever we go.  This is especially the case when we enter into a new world, which is commonly known as being incarnated into a body.  If we are tricked into living in a harsh place, as soon as the make it so button is pushed, we can be trapped there forever–trapped in a loop that takes us down farther and farther, life after life.

There is, however, always an exception to the rule.  We can always change our minds if we are aware enough.  




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