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 If you are here for the plan you have made a great decision.  You have decided to take your life into your own hands. 


You have decided to open the doors and allow yourself to use you power in order to build the world that you want for your family, friends, and community instead of using all of your energy fighting of the pain, anger, and depression that often comes from constantly being confronted in a world ruled by racism and oppression. 


Is it possible to live in a world and a person of color and not be torn apart and destroyed by the various isms?  Yes.  I have the plan.  You can have it too.  You can work through this plan with me step by step, and you will be free. 


 Hit this link to begin your journey to freedom.  


 Donate to our cause of creating a better world for us, your children and our children's children at our link below.





We are Crowd Funding on Go Fund Me to provide spiritual direction, life coaching, body work and counseling for those in need, but who don't have a enough resources.  Give to this cause and help.  Stress is not understood to contribute to more than 90% of the illnesses in America.