A Powerful Book That Frees the Soul Now

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Turning The World Around


When I was a child I looked up at the sky and experienced a sensation of total love and acceptance. I felt that there was a loving, golden presence just behind the vale interwoven with nature. I felt as though it was just beyond reach beyond that beautiful blue sky, but very close at the same time. In my twenties, in order to challenge myself to do the impossible, I dedicated myself to finding that presences one way or the other.


To my surprise, by the time I was 35 years old, after several types of meditation and spiritual growth, that took place as my guides taught me various techniques, I saw the presence. In a dream I saw a beautiful, golden woman full of shinning light. We touched, palm to palm, I heard a high pitched sound and then an opening at the top of my head. I awakened with the universe moving through me, running up my spine and pouring out of me and coming into me. At that moment I realized that I and the universe were one. I remembered who I was and who I have always been. Since then I have been settling into that awakening and exploring what really happened.


In Distant Corners in a Crowded Room I explore the nature of this magnificent transformation and what allowed it to happen. I describe the hindrances to becoming awake and what is necessary to shake off the socialization that freezes us, keeping us in chains of anger, fear and despair, and what is necessary to be free.  Through my own deep spiritual exploration and my understanding of the Founder of Sat Yoga Institute I have compiled this book to provide you with more than 40 years of spiritual exploration.


Do you want to wake up and move into a whole new world and way of being? This book is not fancy. It doesn't have the newest fashionable color with a nice shiny color. Inside what it has is the key to your reawakening so you can reclaim your identity as a divine, enlightened being. No matter what your religion or belief system this book will help you understand the deep core of your being and the teachings that have been passed on to human beings throughout time. Some have been changed for political reasons, some have been watered down, but Distant Corners in a Crowded Room will help you realize the full impact of whatever religion or philosophy that you follow.

Buy it and study it to attain your freedom.




The Promise of New Life Now


All of the buttons that can be pushed and the levers that can be pulled to move you in directions you don't want to go emotionally and psychologically can be broken through the application of Sat Yoga.

For $18.95--the cost of a few cups of specialty coffee, the cost of a night out at the movies, or a dinner at a good restaraunt, you can diminish the pain and dissappointment in your life and go on a path that will eventually lead you to joy, bliss, and mastery of self in the world.  Isn't it time to break free from a belief system that keeps you in a holding pattern of dissappointment, dualistic thinking, judmentalism and depression?