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Office Schedule

Dr. John W. Gilmore D. Min., LMT, RMT, CLF


 Fridays 11AM to 7PM In Bryn Mawr

Can't make it Fridays? 

Wed., Thurs., Sat. in our Wyndmoor Home Office by Appointment


(As of September 30, 2022 we will be closing our office in Bryn Mawr

and only offering services from our home office).



Call or text 267-625-0914 to set up a home visit or home office visit.


( May be a service charge for a home visit depending on the distance).

We also have gift certificates at a discount price

available at the bottom of the page you'll find through this link. 


Donate to our GoFundMe account so we can continue

to provide Health and Wellness Practices at a reasonable price.


Massage Therapy is not recommended for everyone. 

 Due to the extra necessary equipment we do not perform pregnancy massage.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer in the last year and are receiving treatments

or it is still active you will be required to supply a written statement verifying that it is safe for you to receive massage therapy treatments. 

Others treatments may be available like Reflexology or Reiki. 





Rosemont Building

1062 East Lancaster Ave.  Suite 13 A, Bryn Mahr, PA

Nuero Muscular Body Work $65 for 30 Minutes

Medical Massage $100 for 30 Minutes

Reflexology 35 for 30 Minutes

Reiki 60 for 60 Minutes.



You can book your Bryn Mawr office visit here.  Please sing in during the available time slots or your appointment may be cancelled.

John Gilmore's Healing Hands