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Living the Multi-Cultural Life: Pleasure or Fear

We are living in a world full of multi-culturalism, wonder, and diversity, but many of us don't recognize it. Carl Anthony, activist and professor, referred to the world in which we live now as a certain spirituality of the city, where instead of holding back in fear and looking to the past, we should be embracing the possibilities of what we can create together as a society. The major thing that stops us from embracing the potential, the joy, and the power that we have as a people is lack of communication.

This lack of communication comes from bad teaching and adopting bad habits. We learn to fear people who aren't like us. We learn to segregate ourselves and put ourselves in groups. We learn stereotypes about people we don't know and we tend to believe them because they
came from relatives or loved ones who didn't know them either, but who were just passing on the bad information that passed received. How do we know the truth, since we are not interacting with them?

This, along with the advent of TV and radio reinforcing the stereotypes makes it difficult to fall into the habit of selective perception, which is only seeing what we expect to see and ignoring what stands out. We hear the stereotypes, we don't meet our get to know anyone to counter
them, we see their reinforcement on TV, and it becomes natural, when we see a target group, to just notice what we know and expect.

Close relationships can counter this phenomenon, but those aren't always possible after we have bought into the stereotypes. The boxed-in lifestyles can be comforting for a while, but if we want to be the best we can, if we want to be what
Socrates called the Cosmopolitan individual, or the one with a greater mindset that realized they are part of something greater, the cosmos, we have to get past these false beliefs.

This course will teach you how to get beyond the communication difficulties if you want to and actually use it as a tool in leading workshops and discussions that will help heal yourself, heal the community, and ultimately the country by bringing us to a place of stability, unity, and wholeness on all levels. Bring a group of friends together. Watch it. Discuss in. And then go
out and take part in the spirituality of multi-cultural society.  To purchase a copy of this workshop with all the links go to this page, hit the paypal button, and make a donation of $39.95.  Allow two days for us to email you a copy.

Dr. Om Prakash Gilmore, D. Min.