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Practical Spirituality: Reclaiming The Peaceful

Warrior Spirit to Live Fully—Now!

The Ultimate Training Program



We have all been told, at one time or the other, that we are not good enough, or that we have to do better if we are good enough.   On top of that we are warned that when we get old we won't be enough if we are now.  We hear these voices constantly until we create a self critic in our heads that never allows us to be at peace very long.  Sometimes we slip into moments of peace and joy only to fall out of them, and then we will work ourselves to death to stop the negative and controlling voices coming from friends, family, the media, and even our own selves. 


By understanding the root causes of feelings of fear and separation caused by the negativity all around us, and through visualization, meditation, and other simple, practical methods we can relieve the anxiety and create a long lasting state of peace.  You can not only eventually free yourselves from the effects of the negativity, but you can teach others how to free themselves.  The battle is one against systemic fear, self suppression, and external oppression, and we can win this battle.  You can become a Warrior Healer.  


 As a Warrior of Compassion you learn to destroy lies.  You learn to make yourself healthy and to create environments where you can raise healthy children and grow new communities. Try us out for one session on Groupons and you will see our value for yourself.  


If you are looking for a way to blossom, break free, start a new life, you can't afford not to sign up for this program today. Imagine seeing the world through the eyes of a child with the intellect of an adult. What would it look like to be free of hurt and injuries from the past? How would your life look different if you were allowed to spread your wings and be just who you were instead of being badgered with messages about who you should be? What could you do free of the trauma and the negative messages, or if that negativity just bounced off like bullets from superman's chest? This is all possible.


 This is a non-religious but spiritual approach, drawing on many religions, philosophies, social sciences, and wisdom traditions. You could plug in anywhere without leaving behind your own religion or spirituality by plugging into the source of your spirituality. Becoming the end product of your religion. The fulfillment of your faith and your search for meaning.  Family, friends, co-workers would all notice the difference. Joy in the world would replace the feeling of sadness and depression. You don't want to not take advantage of this course. It is much greater than you can imagine and the value ovewhelming.


  • One One-on-One Face to Face or Skype Coaching Sessions
  • Limited Face to Face Meetings as needed depending on your program
  •  Radio program review each month and webinars that you will see and listen to at your leisure.
  • Tai-Chi, Qigong, or Five Form Kempo Forms
  • Reiki Attunements – Depending on Your Location 


We offer 3 Month and 4 Month Programs or One-on-One 30 Minute Sessions tailored to your needs.

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For more information email: You can get more contact information and learn more about the Instructor, Om Prakash, and One-on-One Sessions at


single and group classes vary.