We Are Offering Animal Reiki

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Is your pet stressed, traumatized or ill?


Animal Reiki can help

Reiki is an ancient energy-healing art that has been used all over the world.  A skilled practitioner can send healing energy into a person or animal that creates a healing environment in the subject's body so they can help heal themselves.  Reiki can remove energy blocks for many illnesses, allergies, emotional and behavioral problems and eating disorders.  Applied pre- and post-surgery, Reiki can speed up healing. A practitioner can also detect hard-to-diagnose problems through sensitivity to the subject's own energy.

Reiki can animals in many ways, including:

  • Heal trauma, especially for rescue animals
  • Heal illness when vets have not succeeded
  • Relax anxious or frightened animals
  • Help with emotional issues and behavior problems
  • Reduce stress and an increase in overall health

Reiki is not connected to any religion or spiritual belief system.  Animals readily accept it. 

It is not a substitute for a visit to your vetenarian while it has been shown to be very effective.  If major issues with you pet persists please visit your vetenarian.  


Dr. John Gilmore, D. Min., is an experienced Reiki Master who has been practicing professionally on people since 1996.   He discovered his powers to work with animals on his own cats, and has since helped heal anxieties and other issues with other people's pets.  John is also Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Life-Coach.  He has taken advanced courses in Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy Facilitation.


To set your appointment call or text 267-625-0914 or email Dr. John (Om Prakash) Gilmore at: omprakashgilmore@gmail.com


$1.50 per minute for treatment and travel time estimated from GPS.