Medical Qigong + Meditation for Health and Longevity

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Meditation in Motion

I have been studying several forms of Movement and Meditation to fight of the affects of living in a world that is overly harsh sometimes.  We all have stress and have to learn how to dea with it.  Many medical professionals have gone so far to say that as high as 80% of the illnesses and diseases we suffer comes from not dealing with stress in a healthy manner.  Tai-Chi, Qigong, Health, and Meditation are ways of dealing with stress, stretching and strengthening the muscles, improving focus, and increasing the blood flow,  Four Minute Qigong and several Qigong flows can actually be aerobic. 


We several short forms of Qigong and mediation that can be woven together to give you the ultimate workout and allow you to thrive in a world that is often painful.  We take the best from all of the Western Wisdom Tradtions, spiritual traditions, Yogic and Eastern Philosophies and put them together into a powerful, one hour class so you can become the master of your own life.  So you, like the Shaolin say, "Can stand in the doorway in the winds of adversity without flinching."  Isn't it time to let go of the anger, the fear, the anxiety, the feeling of powerless to master the inner self and your life. 

I am running a class at The Manadala Center, Sunday mornings at 11AM.  We have discount rates for a package, and rates for drop-ins.  Please join us.  You can pay and register on line.


What makes this class unique?  I have been studying and practicing various forms of meditation, movement, spirituality and religion for more than 49 years.